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Select the package that suits you best!

  • 8 classes (USD)

    1 month, 2 classes per week
    Valid for one month
    • 8 classes/month (60 minutes/class)
    • Accelerated progress for intermediates
    • Focus on communication and grammar
    • Builds confidence in real-life conversations
  • Most Popular!

    4 classes (USD)

    1 month, 1 class per week
    Valid for one month
    • 4 classes/month (60 minutes/class)
    • Gradual Spanish introduction
    • Great for beginners with busy schedules
  • 16 classes (USD)

    1 month, 4 classes per week
    Valid for one month
    • 16 classes/month (60 minutes/class)
    • Intensive learning for advanced learners
    • Improves fluency and listening abilities
    • Explores cultural nuances and idiomatic expressions
    • Enhanced writing skills through advanced exercises

Join our growing student community, and experience the great results of our proven successful method

Expert Spanish Teachers: Guiding English Speakers to Fluency at Virtu Spanis
"Hi! I’m Mariana and I love teaching at Virtu Spanish. I have a bachelor’s degree in Education and have been teaching for 8 years to different student ages. I will love getting to know you in our classes!"

Mariana Carrillo, Spanish Teacher

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